Software Release



HDR-1003S S/W (Latest Software) – Ver. 1.01.19
Application version : AUSIAA1.01.19
Loader version : 3.2.1
System id : 805C2800
Update Date : 16, SEP 2014

New Features and improvements
-. Fixed the problem of active standby mode.

Step to upgrade SW via USB
1. Download and unzip the latest software version and save it to an empty USB memory stick.
2. Turn OFF the power of HDR-1003S using power plug at the rear.
3. Insert USB Memory Stick into HDR-1003S on rear USB port
4. Turn ON the power of HDR-1003S plugging power cable on rear and immediately start tapping channel down button on the HDR-1003S (i.e circle dial on the middle of the unit, tapping down keys)unit UNTIL you see ‘R’ on the visual display of HDR-1003S
5. The visual display will change to ‘P’ with numbers rising which indicates the percentage progress. (you can also monitor the progress on the TV connected to HDR-1003S)
Please note: When the Download Progress Stops it may take up to 5 minutes for it to restart so DO NOT TURN OFF HDR-1003S
6. When the visual display shows ‘END’, take out the USB Memory Stick to stop further software upgrades.
7. To confirm successful update, please go to MENU – SETTINGS – SYSTEM – SYSTEM INFORMATION and check software version.


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