Software Release


2tune (HDR-3000T) + H3 Package


HDR-3000T S/W (Aug. 2017 / Latest Software) – Ver. 1.00.53
Application version : AUTFAD 1.00.53
Loader version : AUTFAD 1.01
System id : 9010.7D27
Update Date : 21 Aug 2016

New Features and improvements
-. Wi-Fi Disconnect issue from Standby

Steps to upgrade SW via USB
1. Download the latest software version and save it to an empty USB memory stick.
2. Please make sure the software is saved in the root of the USB stick.
3. Insert the USB memory stick into HDR-3000T on a rear USB port.
4. Please press Home -> Settings -> System Settings -> System Information -> and press ‘OK’ button on Check New Software.
5. When the download progress stops it may take up to 5 minutes for it to restart so ‘DO NOT TURN OFF HDR-3000T’
6. To confirm successful update, please go to Home -> Settings – > System Settings -> System Information and check ‘Software Version’.


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