4tune – Setting Up Recordings

Quad Recording

4 tune with 4 tuners allows you to record 4 channels at the same time. You may not miss your favourite programmes.

Series Recording Options

When you select ‘Record Whole Series’, 4tune will record all programmes that are identified as the same series by broadcasters from one time set up.

Repeat Recording

If you want to record only new episodes but reruns, you can turn off Record Repeats. This will save your storage.
* Repeat is determined by broadcasters and is not related to the recordings on 4tune.

Keep Recordings

You can set the number of episodes to keep in your storage. This is a great option to manage your storage.

Padding Time

We all know that programmes often start and finish at a different time than it was scheduled. You can set up start and end padding time to minimise the chance to miss the start or end of the programme.

Setting Recordings Manually

You can set up your own recordings with the options for programme, start and end time and repeat mode.
With the manual recording, you can select days of the week when you wish to repeat recording.
4tune will work only according to the time you have set without padding. You can add extra time to make sure none of the programme is missed.