2tune – HbbTV

What is HbbTV?

HbbTV stands for Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV where free-to-air broadcast TV is connected with broadcaster’s IPTV service such as Catch-up.

How do I use HbbTV?

*You must have a 2tune with internet connection and integrative TV option On.
Each time the channel turns on, you will see a message that gives you an option to select between [RED] or [GREEN] buttons.
Press [RED] to load catch up service of the channel you are on.

For instance, when you are watching an ABC channel, when you press [RED] button, iView HbbTV application will load and you will get access to their catch up service.

Applications of HbbTV

There are other features HbbTV is used for.
The latest example of HbbTV application was network 7’s mega wall.
During Australian Open, network 7 streamed all match from day 1 through the mega wall for your live viewing.
Exclusive behind the court scene and interviews were available as well.